Notes on Drinking Wine and Letting Go, Washington

Dry July, hot heat all the way through the afternoon, the stone floors weren't cool to touch as we splayed on the floor, Gi repacking her life again & negotiating notions of Beirut feeling like home. Granola snacks, much red Wine, loud music tintinnabulating from heart to pitched rafters, views out to the woods behind, to the pasture before, the staw beds below. Conversations dotting between songs, moments of thought shared, a book she placed in my lap on Great Conversations. Learning more on how Socrates died. Reflecting on recent events, taking the demanding heat into my body, filling on everything wanted and not, with more wine to raft along the throes. A moment noted as the pain of Letting Go comes again. The painful rind wash to the bittersweet drift, then the sweet release. Notes on Drinking Wine in Favored Company, and Letting Go, Washington. A Summer's Mid-Afternoon, July 2015