I found a roll of film from my Hasselblad, shot at Mailhos, a beautiful farm estate in the Pyrenees on the French side, about a 45 minute drive into the mountains from Biarritz and San Sebastian each. My dear friends Carol & Jean-Francois Gaillard create this paradisical French gem, grow the life and magic right into this special piece of land. Take a peek . .


Notes on Drinking Wine and Letting Go, Washington

Dry July, hot heat all the way through the afternoon, the stone floors weren't cool to touch as we splayed on the floor, Gi repacking her life again & negotiating notions of Beirut feeling like home. Granola snacks, much red Wine, loud music tintinnabulating from heart to pitched rafters, views out to the woods behind, to the pasture before, the staw beds below. Conversations dotting between songs, moments of thought shared, a book she placed in my lap on Great Conversations. Learning more on how Socrates died. Reflecting on recent events, taking the demanding heat into my body, filling on everything wanted and not, with more wine to raft along the throes. A moment noted as the pain of Letting Go comes again. The painful rind wash to the bittersweet drift, then the sweet release. Notes on Drinking Wine in Favored Company, and Letting Go, Washington. A Summer's Mid-Afternoon, July 2015


**** UPDATE 1: SPENCER DICKINSON FOUND!!!!! He was able to make very quick contact via Satellite phone. He is currently being helicoptered off Everest to Kathmandu. No other details except he's safe. My family & I can't thank everyone enough for their thoughts, prayers, and support.
We are simply ASTOUNDED, MOVED, & AMAZED by the Village of 100s of humans that rose up, strangers & friends alike, quite literally WORLDWIDE to offer up aid & contacts... it is incredible how many people were praying for him, and also how many people we made contact with on Everest with his name and photo and were on the lookout for him.. and it Paid off!!! We are celebrating for Spencer & this beautiful side of humanity.
    In the meantime, we are counting our blessings, sending our love to the rest of Nepal and the many many many other people who are still in need and strife over there...
* Don't forget to do what you can for the people of Nepal!!!

Thank you again!! ****

*** UPDATE 2: The following is a transcript of Spencer's phone call with his Dad, Bob Dickinson, via Satellite phone on Everest:
"At 7:52 PM I received a call from an unknown satellite phone. It was Spencer calling me from somewhere on the slopes of Everest. I screamed in elated excitement... Spencer said dad be quiet I'm on a satellite phone and I only have a few moments. Call my mom and tell her I'm okay I'm getting on a helicopter off the mountain to Kathmandu. They are taking lots of bodies out of here. I got to go dad I love you."

THE FOLLOWING PHOTO & VIDEO SHOW SPENCER'S FAMILY - MOM Lisa Littell Rosenbusch, GRANDMOTHER Diane Livingston, & Molly Hohle just after receiving the news that he was safe and being airlifted by helicopter back down to Kathmandu:

NEPAL QUAKE VICTIM FOUND! Watch the emotional moment when a Petaluma mother learned that her 21-year-old son was found...

Posted by ABC7 News on Tuesday, April 28, 2015

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


You can email the following people/family members with any potential contacts, tips, information,
AND/OR inquiries for News Coverage on Spencer, etc:

              Twitter:  @AJordanGordon 
              Twitter:  @haleylcaldwell 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Hello All,

 This post is regarding my cousin Spencer Dickinson, who was hiking alone to Basecamp 1 on Everest when the 7.8 - magnitude Earthquake in Nepal hit. While communication up there is very scarce at the moment, he is still missing, and our family & friends while full of hope, are still fairly terrified. Below is a picture of Spencer, followed by details of his situation and potential whereabouts when the Earthquake occurred.
We are looking for and appreciative of ANY and ALL potential leads or contacts to people who might be on the mountain, or in a position to help contact people up there, spread word to look for him, etc.

We will also update you as soon as we have any other news.

In the meantime you can share this post, the details listed in the rest of this email, and/or his profile on Google's Person Finder for the 2015 Nepal Earthquake:

We are grateful and moved beyond belief by the outpouring of support and love and concerted aid that has spread from people around the world.

Spencer is 21 years old, blonde, blue eyes, with a tattoo on his back (as seen pictured). He was traveling in Nepal after many months traveling since last fall around Thailand & Sri Lanka, spending time learning and growing in monasteries, yoga retreats, and the healing waters of the innumerable beaches of these areas.



Spencer Dickinson was last in contact with our family on Sunday, the 19th his time in Nepal (Saturday in California) in Namche, saying he was leaving the next day, Monday morning, and hiking from Namche Bazaar, a Himalayan village on the hiking route to Everest, up to Basecamp. He said he was told that it could take about 7 days depending on the hiker to get there, and that he would be out of communication while trekking.

Our concerns are that while he registered insurance for the trip, he, as a young 21 year old, was not doing the journey with a guide or a group, he said he was planning to hike the trip alone. As I said this part of our major worry is that we don't have a group to reach out to and have no knowledge of if he would have been alone on the trail, or with or nearby other hikers at the time of the quake.

In our search efforts for Spencer since the event, we had contact via email from someone at basecamp who had shown his picture around, and he said that an accomplished mountain guide who is  very involved in rescue efforts on Everest, named Willie Benegas, thinks he might have seen him leaving basecamp for the trail heading down toward Lobuche around 9am the day of the avalanche. If this was in fact the case, it is possible that Spencer was on the trail or passing through one of the villages on the trek from basecamp downward when the earthquake occurred. These include the villages of of Gorak Schep, Lobuje and Pheriche and others.

There is little communication except for satellite phones on the mountain and in the valley, and travel along the trail may be slow to due to damage to the trail and the number of people using it. So ANY leads to potential contact up there would be immensely appreciated.

As I said, our concern is that he was hiking alone and that we have had no contact on his whereabouts or safety.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

He has been on an incredible journey, and we just want to get him found so he can continue onwards. Love and Blessings to you all. Again, ANY help you can offer regarding contacts or people and communities who might know someone are much appreciated and needed!! xxxx


 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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