Hello there! My name is Ashley, I am a photographer in love with her work, relishing the present moment & the coming adventures ahead...
     ...Based in San Francisco, California but always ready to jump
on the    
     road for a new project and adventure.
I'm enchanted by travel and the journeys it brings, near and far.. by the meaning, and story every moment, bend of light, and person I encounter has the chance to give, and I the privilege to communicate and share when I have my camera in hand.

I work in Portrait, Lifestyle, Editorial, Travel & Music photography, as well as being educated and continually participating in Documentary and Fine Art work.

I am a proud member of The Arctic Circle 2015 Summer Expedition - Living & working aboard a Barquentine Tall Ship, a select group of international artists & scientists will explore, create & innovate in the Arctic Circle & Svalbard, sailing just 10 degrees latitude south of the North Pole. My project research has included a Visiting Readership at Oxford University.

To Learn & See more please visit my website: